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How do you take your coffee?  Have-A-Cup, the office coffee service division of Havco Services, offers a wide variety of coffees from distinctive exotic flavors to national brands and related coffee products.  A variety of in-demand national brands including Starbucks, Green Mountain, Folgers and Maxwell House are available, along with such regional favorites as Wawa and Ellis coffees.

The Keurig® single cup brewer is capable of brewing a wide variety of gourmet coffees, teas and hot cocoas.   Havco Services has an array of coffee brewers from which to choose.  A point of use water filtration system ensures the purity of your water for the richest refreshment flavor experience possible, no matter if it is used as a self contained unit or in combination with your coffee brewer(s). Your point of use water filtration system can either be leased or purchased.

One of our highly trained coffee personnel will recommend the proper brewer(s) for your location.  Our uniformed route personnel will sanitize your brewer on each visit, whether it be when restocking your supplies or for a regularly scheduled service visit.  And, for your convenience, you will be invoiced directly from our company delivery trucks.

Whether it be a local, regional or national delivery, our coffee and coffee-related products and paper goods can be ordered on-line and shipped throughout the United States by completing and emailing the Havco Services product order form located on the product order form navigation tab to

Use Have-A-Cup for your Perfect Blend of Coffee, Tea and Cocoa.