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A division of Havco Services, Have-A-Vend assists businesses in operating successful, custom-tailored vending programs. Our recipe for your success is a mixture of several key ingredients.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

 Offering Product Assortments of the  Most Popular National Brands and Regional Favorites

And the secret ingredient?

A Family-Owned Professional Vending Service Company – Complete with a Modern, On-Site Commissary

At Havco Services, we offer food and refreshment vending machines with the latest electronic and currency payment options available. Our vending machines contain an enticing assortment of Heart-Smart and nutritional products, snacks, hot and cold beverages, cold and frozen foods, along with fresh sandwiches, entrees, soups and salads.  Made with only the finest and freshest of ingredients from our on-site commissary, our vending selection will satisfy your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs.

Maintaining the quality of the food and refreshments inside our vending machine requires quality control on the outside.  At Havco Services, our highly trained, unformed mechanics and route personnel are at your service, from 24/7 emergency service to same day mechanical service.

Select Havco Services for your All Your Food and Refreshment Needs.